7 comments on “[VIDEO] HOW TO Wirelessly Tether Canon 5DmkII + Eye-Fi to an iPad

    • hey @Robotmak! I got it from amazon.co.uk. From a quick search i found it’s available here: http://www.memorydepot.com/61795.htm
      Very bought from there (no guarantees from me) but it is the same item and the site looks pretty legit ; ) ( did not find the delock adapter on amazon.com and ebay) – let me know how it works out for you ; )

    • Thanks for your input SG! It’s true that you don’t need the rooter for the setup. I just preferred it since the connection created is more consistent (always the same wifi network). The SD card produces an Ad Hoc Wifi network that you can connect to as well. I tried it at the beginning a few times but the connection wasn’t as stable as I would want it.

      also, the router extends the range beyond what the SD card can transmit from inside the CF-SD adapter (it isn’t much!! ; ) ; in my test, the signal is good for maybe 2-3 feet after that the transfer speed are at a halt.

      I am planning to pick up the 5DmkIII shortly so that issue will be fixed = )

    • @Yoyo, the Eye-Fi X2 pro card works like a charm with the 5DmkIII since you justt plug in the eye-fi card into the SD slot and bang! You don’t need any CF/SD adapter like with the 5DII which results in a lot of undesirable side- effects such as file corrupt and abrupt stopping of capture.

      I use it with my 5DmkIII with the router and it works all the time. I know you can also do it without a router.
      Short answer… YES = )

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